Due to a rare disease the little girl was like a fairytale character

Due to a rare disease the little girl was like a fairytale character

A little creepy, but beautiful.


Little Melanie Martinez of the U.S. state of Minnesota in its less than two years has already become the star of social networks due to its unusual appearance. The fact is that because of syndrome Aksenfeld-Rieger girls have unusually large pupils, that looks scary and cute at the same time.

The doctors gave Melanie a diagnosis, when she was weeks. It is a genetic disease that affects the cornea and the iris, that the pupil can become very large, or located not at the center of the eye.

So strong. In just 5 months of life she’d gone through so much. pic.twitter.com/UnuNa1IJJr

— moscato mami? (@karinaa_ortega) 13 Sep 2018

So strong. In just five months of her life she’s been through so much.

While the girl sees well, but in the future she may have problems with vision. In addition, Melanie’s eyes, Melanie is very sensitive to light, but because in the street she is forced to wear sunglasses.

For a long time mom, Melanie Karina Ortega felt awkward when people stared at her daughter. But still decided and published on Twitter, the story about the girl’s disease, which made her shots. Much to the surprise Karina, users were delighted by the unusual appearance of Melanie.

Shes so precious inside & out, with a heart of gold ? pic.twitter.com/mjIypBWdH1

— moscato mami? (@karinaa_ortega) 13 Sep 2018

She’s wonderful inside and out, with a heart of gold.

Im seriously overwhelmed with all of the love is getting my princess ♥ it’s amazing you guys are literally making me tear up! Since everyone’s being so sweet I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics of my beautiful! pic.twitter.com/gu4hqQFYBw

— moscato mami? (@karinaa_ortega) 14 Sep 2018.

I just melted from all the love that you send my Princess. You guys just make me cry from happiness. Because you are very cute, I decided to share a favorite photo of my baby girl.

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing some pics of Mehlani in her sunglasses, she’s super sensitive to light so she wears these anytime we go outside & I think they’re the cutest!! pic.twitter.com/cMLyNxuFjV

— moscato mami? (@karinaa_ortega) 14 Sep 2018.

I thought you might be interested to see Melanie in sunglasses. Her eyes very sensitive to light, so we put on our glasses everytime we go outside. I think they’re pretty.

Mehlani wants to say thank you to everyone for their kind sweet words! She has no idea what Twitter is but I told her everyone loves her & thinks she’s beautiful ? pic.twitter.com/ZEzbo1ZJBn

— moscato mami? (@karinaa_ortega) 14 Sep 2018.

Melanie wants to thank you all for your kind words. She has no idea what Twitter is, but I told her that its all love and think is beautiful.