“Another two!”: for and against bestmatches of schooling

“Another two!”: for and against bestmatches of schooling

MOSCOW, 19 Sep — RIA Novosti. Expert seminar on “Besomeone education in primary school: for and against” were held in the Russian Academy of education. The seminar was attended by experts of RAO, representatives of parent and teacher associations, primary school teachers and psychologists.


In Russia there was the traditional system of school evaluation based upon the fixation of educational achievements of younger pupils with the mark (1 to 5). The majority of Russian schools use totochno assessment form. Meanwhile, according to the education act, monitoring of progress within the competence of the educational organization. Any team can make an informed decision to change the form of assessment.

Vice President RAO, Professor Victor basiuk recalled that experience bestmatches training in Russia is already, in first grade level the students do not put, but the question is, is it possible to extend this experiment for the further training of the student.“All the beautiful flowers, and me a green frog”

Supporters bestmatches evaluation insist that the mark be considered as “antimodel educational activities”, leading to violation of the ethics of the relationship between student and teacher that adversely affects the child’s personality. Supporters otmetanie think that mark has a positive effect on the success of learning and contributes to student learning and cognitive functions.

In any system — otmetanie or bestmatches — we need to consider the existence of ethical relationship between the teacher, student and mark.Natalia Vinogradova of the Center for primary education Institute of education development strategy of RAO, Professor

According to her, modern teachers are often forget that, for example, self-corrects students mistakes shows his ability to control the educational activities, emphasizes its advantages, and not disadvantages. “We have so far for these advantages reduce the mark”, she added.

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In addition, the expert expressed the opinion that the average scores when deriving the final mark denies the possibility of the student re-take a specific topic and is contrary to the educational requirements of ethical nature.

The Professor also drew attention to the fact that the evaluation can be expressed in any form — digital, point, graphics, word etc “the Teacher thinks that using to replace mark graphic image, it carries out besomeone training? He’s wrong! Any such image is perceived by the student as a mark,” she said.