What is known Andriy Ishchenko

What is known Andriy Ishchenko

19 September, the CEC recommended to annul the results of the second round of gubernatorial elections in the Primorsky Krai, which was attended by the candidate from “United Russia” Andrei Tarasenko and Communist Andrey Ishchenko. Details of the biography of Mr. Ishchenko — in reference “b”.


Ishchenko Andrey S. was born 9 March 1981 in Lesozavodsk of Primorsky Krai. Graduated from far Eastern state technical fisheries University (2004).

In 2005 year was promoted to 3rd mate in the far Eastern shipping company. Over five years of work at the enterprise was promoted to senior assistant captain. In 2011 he occupied the position of assistant Director of investment company “East gate”, engaged in the construction.

In 2014 , he headed the company “Aurora-the system” specialising on housing construction. In September 2016, was elected to the legislative Assembly of the Primorsky territory on a temporary basis. The Chairman of seaside regional branch of the Russian public organization “Children of war”. President of the charity Fund “Together we can do more” of the city of Vladivostok. Vice-President of the Federation of kickboxing of Primorsky Krai.

In the single voting day on 9 September 2018 year took second place in the first round of elections of the Governor of Primorsky Krai, typing of 24.63% of the vote. His opponent Andrey Tarasenko scored 46,56% of the vote.