The scandal with the needles in strawberries in Australia: police have arrested a teenager

The scandal with the needles in strawberries in Australia: police have arrested a teenager

Australian police arrested a teenager who admitted that he planted the needles in the strawberries. Fruit with metal needles, sold in local stores, previously caused panic across the country.


As reported by the assistant Commissioner of police of the state of New South Wales Stewart Smith, arrested the boy, most likely, put the needle into the strawberries for fun.

“We found a young man who admitted a number of pranks, including putting a needle in the strawberries; they will be engaged in service work with youth,” said Smith.

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The first event of the discovery of needles in strawberries was recorded in Queensland. Then the fruit with needles began to fall and residents of other States. Buyers also reported a sharp metal objects in bananas and apples.

The exact number of victims of the needles in the strawberry is still unknown, authorities reported at least hundreds of complaints. These cases quickly sowed panic among buyers, and among fruit producers.

The Queensland government said that some trading partners in Russia and Britain has blocked the import of strawberries from Australia and neighboring New Zealand announced that it intends to withdraw all Australian strawberries from their supermarkets.

It is reported that some producers were forced to destroy the entire crop of berries after the news of the needles.

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The Australian government urgently introduce additional measures to control the export of strawberries: now exporters, in particular, are obliged to pass all their product through the metal detectors.

Many Australian politicians and users of social networks actively defended the fruit industry of the country. They call on shoppers to support farmers and not to refuse to buy fruit, but be sure to cut them in half before eaten.