The secrets of experienced travelers. How to sleep in flight

The secrets of experienced travelers. How to sleep in flight

MOSCOW, 18 sen — news, Svetlana Baeva. Turbulence, crowded, screaming children to sleep in flight, even the night, is not easy. But there are a few techniques and accessories that will make air travel much more comfortable.


How to sleep on Board an aircraft — in the material RIA Novosti.

Meditation against fear

To prepare for a long flight is still at home. Those who try not to sleep before a journey, doing the wrong thing, says dietitian from Moscow Angelica Duval.

However, there is another opinion: of course, we should not try to completely abandon the dream, but it makes sense to reduce its duration. Early awakening and exercise will help to relax on the plane.

Experts also advise not to drink alcohol before the flight and during it. But water and buy in duty free — so you don’t have to worry about in the cabin of an airliner.

Those who are afraid to fly, it is better to consult a doctor. The flights for those passengers is stressful, panic situation. Use of relaxation techniques, meditation.” According to him, before a long flight, it is important to normalize the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness with melatonin and light therapy (helps with sleep disorders and biorhythms).Alexander Polakovic-psychotherapist, somnology, head of the sleep laboratory of Saint-Petersburg psycho-neurological Institute named after Bekhterev Superfluous chair

Keep in mind lifehack from experienced travellers, however, it is relevant only when the plane is not full. “If you’re flying alone in the plane, where in a row of three chairs, with online check-in reserve a possible place for yourself and your companion so that between you one left free, — tells PR-the Director of the service for booking tickets Gregory meadow. — If the aircraft will not be hundred percent loading, most likely, this chair and will not take”.

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Another life hack is useful to those who travel with a toddler weighing up to nine pounds. When registering should call the airline and report it. Major carriers put such passengers in front seats and child provide a special suspended cradle in which he can sleep.

But single travelers of experts do not recommend to choose the place in the beginning of the salon: the probability of the neighborhood with a restless baby.