How to ruin a career: employers share the most treshovye interviews

How to ruin a career: employers share the most treshovye interviews

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Recently, the website Reddit has sparked a discussion in which employers shared bizarre cases from his practice, when they had to reject candidates when applying for a job.

The thread quickly went viral and spawned many stories, some of which are not so easy to believe. The discussion launched by the user under the name omart3: “Employers, who had to refuse people at the interview, tell us about your most memorable experience.”

Just a few hours the subject of absurd interviews generated several thousand responses, of which we could not tell. First, the history of employers described the typical mistakes of applicants for the selected position.

“I asked the girl how it relates to team work, to which she replied: “It is very difficult for me because I always feel that everyone around are against me. I have to work alone.” This approach is not entirely appropriate in our company.”

“The candidate continued to speak. I couldn’t even insert three words into the conversation, he always interrupted me. A complete failure”.

However, some of the stories were really epic.

I had a guy who tried to convince me that a nine year break in his career was due to the fact that he worked on classified government organization. I absolutely did not believe. And now guess, about whom I found a news article that talked about a guy accused of harassment. That’s about it.

Pretty simple job description. You want the worker showed up on time and did the job. During the day they need to pass about 200 miles. Position involves good driving skills.

First interview

Before we open up data about you, there is something that we should know about? Did you have any violations or fines over the last two years?

— No.

Okay, so, fines you do not, but you seem to have, and no driver’s license.

— And what, it may prove to be a problem? I really drive well.

— Yes, unfortunately, this is a big problem. Sorry.

A second interview of the day. The guy comes and tells me that he is not going to discuss with a woman driving a truck (Yes, I’m a woman). In addition, he will not be able to come to work at eight, but only by nine. Plus, he’s not going to work the day before any holiday.

I had an interview with one teenager, who said that will not be able to work on weekends, because it is during this time too drunk. In addition, it can not go on Mondays because it will be to move away from hangouts.

“One candidate was late, he smelled marijuana, and after he introduced himself, he asked whether in our organization to pass a drug test”.

“We asked the candidate what his weakness, to which he replied: “Asians”. Our HR Manager was Asian, and he managed to wink at her after he reported it.”

The guy postponed the interview twice because of his current work. OK, I understand, to give priority to work instead of the interview — it is normal for me. I agreed to work late, so he had to come, and I held an interview with him. But he didn’t show up for 20 minutes after the appointed time.

When I started to turn off the lights and close the doors, he still came. For this job we haven’t been able to find somebody, and his resume was good enough, so I agreed to talk to him.

Two minutes after the beginning of the interview he began to sit in his phone. I asked him to leave and went home.