The athlete was forbidden to come to the sushi bar, because he eats too much

The athlete was forbidden to come to the sushi bar, because he eats too much

The guy was justified by the fact that he had a special diet.

Jaroslav Bobrowski published Saturday, July 21, 2018,while downloading an error has occurred.NewsScientists found in the brain “switch” gluttony

30-year-old triathlete-Amateur Jaroslav Bobrovskoe from the German city of Landshut in just a couple days famous throughout the world thanks to his gluttony.

The fact that the young man at a dinner managed to devastate a Japanese restaurant with sushi rolls. It happened in a place called Running Sushi, where Jaroslav used to go before.

The sushi bar has a system of “eat all you want,” and paying only 16 dollars, you can eat unlimited sushi and rolls, and this took a hungry German.

However, no one expected that Bobrovsky can cram into 100 portions, thereby leaving no food other visitors.NewsLovers have lost 152 lbs before the wedding

When a young man went to the cash register to tip waiters, approached the Manager and said that he eats too much, and they don’t want to see him in his restaurant.

The story was publicized, and to Yaroslav for comments addressed by local journalists. The guy admitted that, actually, he eats a lot less, but this time he had a diet the day before the incident, he was starving.

Though the incident he called the sad, the athlete said that he has already found another place, where also you can eat rolls and sushi unlimited.