Refund guaranteed: racketeers come to replace collectors

Refund guaranteed: racketeers come to replace collectors

Why the business of debt collecting brutal techniques once again became relevant.


Criminal gangs, especially ethnic, have intensified on the background of the difficult economic situation in the country. The problem developers, the shaky dollar, fraudulent bankruptcy — these and other factors have resulted in the natural emergence of a large number of debtors. Legal tools for recovery of losses via courts-and-white collectors, alas, unable to quickly and efficiently return to the creditor “their money plus interest.” In these challenging times for the scene they are “vybivali” debt with irons, soldering irons and fittings. About who is paying someone else’s debt and why the country is reviving racketeering — in the material of the portal

Theft — Bulletin of the new hard times

In early September, investigators reported on the disclosure of the kidnapping of two suburban businessmen. While arrested five people (the majority of them — natives of Chechnya), but, according to victims, the crime was attended by at least 8-9 people.

NewsSequoia could not resist

And recently, on 12 September, in the capital was abducted resident of the Moscow region. Only due to the indifference of others, who reported that unknown persons forcibly pushed into the interior of the car of a man half-dead man was rescued by the police with the help of “Flow”. The alleged abductors were natives of the Voronezh region. According to one version, the victims in both cases is seriously indebted to the business partners. It is the failure to pay a large sum of money is becoming more often the reason of force.

According to the source portal the police today in the black market can “to give” their right to recover money from the debtor dashing people. Moreover, it does not matter whether the creditor a receipt or other documentary evidence of financial obligations.

“Debt beat out serious people with whom it is better not to joke, and lenders understand that. If “collectors” are asking, “He really owe you?”, generally speaking, it is a sincere response. Otherwise, if it turns out a hoax, the initiator of the “collision” there will be problems. And not only is material,” says the operative.

The news“They really brought”: the Vologda region became the capital of personal bankruptcies

Companion portal says that the most powerful position in knocking out debt from Caucasian groups, this primarily refers to ethnic Chechen criminal groups and criminal structures, formed of natives of Dagestan.

“A kind of office, where the creditors ask for help in getting debt was a few years ago, “the President-hotel”. Often the negotiations are there, they discussed the amount and the Commission, which take themselves “collectors”. You need to understand that in some cases the services of these people are more than half the amount of the debt. But it also happens that a person of principles, the fact be forced to pay the bills, no matter who gets the money”, — says an expert on organized crime.