Drunk passenger staged a shave right in the train

Drunk passenger staged a shave right in the train

American named Pete Bentivegna (Pete Bentivegna) has published a video, the hero who decided to shave on the road. Video is available on the user page on Twitter.


Bentivegna filmed a man who was sitting in the train opposite him. At one point the passenger got out of the bag a can of shaving cream, smeared his face and began to shave without getting up from the seat.

Welcome to NJ TRANSIT!!! pic.twitter.com/ie9SR2UDnJ

— Pete Bentivegna (@pbenti007) 13 Sep 2018

A moment later, the neighbor Bentivegna completed the procedure and removed the means of hygiene back in the bag, but not wiped her face from the remnants of the cream. Then he stood up and began to look around, and then the roller broke. As it turned out later, the man was pretty drunk.

Nuff said. pic.twitter.com/OZqdY9UYbw

— Pete Bentivegna (@pbenti007) 14 Sep 2018.

According to the published record of the user, he constantly sees such unexpected incidents in the train of this direction. His videos quickly gained viral popularity, gathering nearly three million hits and 62 thousand retweets in a few days.

Many spectators said he was impressed by the skills of a drunken passenger. Others named man animals.