The US army is ordered to violate the laws of physics engine

The US army is ordered to violate the laws of physics engine

U.S. Department of defense has allocated British physicists grant for the creation of similar “impossible engine” EmDrive. It should work without fuel, according to the website of Plymouth University, UK.


Dr. Mike macculloch (Michael McCulloch), who proposed the quantum theory of inertia, resulting from the Unruh radiation, received from the Agency DARPA $ 1.3 million on research and development engine that runs without fuel. His past works were devoted to attempts to explain the principle of the “impossible” EmDrive engine.

“I am sure that quantum inertia will be a real revolution in space exploration — said macculloch. — Ultimately, this may mean that we won’t need fuel to launch satellites. All that is needed is a source of electricity, like solar energy.”

EmDrive is a device in the form of a cone from the magnetron (microwave generating) and resonator (accumulating the energy of their oscillations). This design allows, according to the creators, to convert the radiation into thrust.

Installation due to conflicting test results meets mixed reaction in the scientific community because of its effect in naive consideration involves the violation of the laws of conservation of momentum. Test EmDrive held in June 2015 Taymarom, was also unable to confirm or deny the performance model of the engine.