Citizens have enriched debts

Citizens have enriched debts

The issuance of credit cards hits record.


Bureau of credit stories (BKI) in August, noted an unprecedented growth in the number issued to citizens credit cards. The reason is the aggressive promotion of credit cards by banks, the desire of the population to maintain standard of living despite falling revenues, promotion card installments. At the same time, in the event of a crisis a lot of players playing at credit card, it will be difficult, experts say.

In August 2018, banks issued to the population of 1 million credit cards, a similar results “were recorded for the first time in the entire history of observations” since 2003, said Friday the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH is in the top 3). While during the same period last year were 0.64 million issued cards. Until August absolute record for the number of issued cards were delivered in December 2017 — 0,95 million units, says marketing Director of NCB Alexey Volkov. Thus, according to him, the August increase is the fairly stable trend.

Similar dynamics is also noted in other major credit Bureau. So, “Equifax”, “Kommersant” reported that, according to them, in August, banks had issued 960 thousand cards against 600 thousand cards in August 2017. According to the Bureau, in August 2018 were issued 1.17 million credit cards, while in August 2017 of 0.85 million shares. The General Director of BCI “Equifax” Oleg Lagutkin sure that the main driver of growth of the issue are the increasingly popular card installments. Acting General Director of OKB Nicholas Myasnikov said that many customers are moving from segment “cash loans” in the segment maps.

Thus, the share of cash loans in total amount of new loans has declined over the past year from 73% to 67%, while the share of cards has increased from 24% to 29%.

In banks thesis about the influence of maps of installments on the growth rate of issuance of banknotes does not deny. For example, according to the Executive Director of the credit-card business of the Bank “Russian standard” Rostislav Yanykina, since the launch of the product, the amount of installments decorated doubles every month.

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