Raised suspicion of conspiracy Observatory again

Raised suspicion of conspiracy Observatory again

Observatory Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak in the U.S. state of new Mexico resumed work. This is stated on the website of the institution.


“Thank you for your patience. Since 17 September we are open again for visitors,” the scientists write.

On the website of the Association of universities for research in astronomy (AURA) explains that the Observatory was closed due to the ongoing investigation into the crimes that occurred in Sacramento-Peak: “We were warned that there are security risks for plant personnel and local residents. In this regard, we have decided to temporarily close the Observatory”.

On the suspension of the Sunspot Solar Observatory it became known on 6 September. Access to the site was closed in its territory at the time were the FBI agents. Due to the lack of information on the Internet spread conspiracy theories that astronomers have recorded the deadly solar flare or come in contact with aliens. However, the Director of the Observatory, James Macateer (James McAteer) denied these rumors and added that all the researchers obtained data will be published unchanged.