The Russian side announced the negotiations of the Ukrainian military on the downed “Boeing”

The Russian side announced the negotiations of the Ukrainian military on the downed “Boeing”

Moscow. September 17. INTERFAX. EN — the defense Ministry said the interception of an audio recording of the Ukrainian military, proving the involvement of Ukraine to the crash of the aircraft “Boeing-777” Malaysian airlines on 17 July 2014.


“Ukraine is not only involved in to the tragedy, but also to the manipulation of the international investigation,” — said at a briefing in Moscow, official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.

“We have a audio recording of the telephone conversations of Ukrainian soldiers made in 2016. Analysis of its content confirms previous findings about the direct participation of the Ukrainian side to the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”, — said Konashenkov.

At the briefing, journalists were shown a fragment of the recordings of telephone conversations.
In particular, during the talks held in 2016 on the territory of Odessa region in the preparation of units of radio-technical troops of Ukraine to exercise “Rubezh-2016” during the setup of the Ukrainian radar station “malachite”, one of the interlocutors says: “…And what there to experiment? The test was run and everything to get them, do not understand. Why we drove there? Of course, through the lion. We are closing airspace. Need to explain that we have this , “malachite” might not work. Pelikan persecuted for what? To track including to close the airspace. Why are we not listening? Sailors cannot dismiss that our “malachite” worked fine. Infantry… so that they understand. Let them bear vidpovidalnist (liability), even Levchuk will write a report, oral report. Serge, it’s not serious. Take the lion and say, “boys, if so, we have another Malaysian “Boeing”.

As explained Igor Konashenkov, an analysis of the record, part of quotations which cannot be published because of profanity, showed that one of the interlocutors — Ukrainian Colonel Ruslan Grinchuk. Currently, he occupies the post of first Deputy commander of air command “West” of the armed forces of Ukraine. In 2014, he held the position of commander of the 164-th electronic air defense brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces.