111-year-old man trains every day in the gym

111-year-old man trains every day in the gym

He has always led a healthy lifestyle.


Henry Zeng, who turned 111 years, every day to the gym for workouts.

Resident of the United States starts the morning with half-hour sessions on a stationary bike, practicing yoga, and then compresses the simulator for the brush.

Yes sir! https://t.co/y8JQwIk879

— Sidney Cameron (@SidMyCoach) 16 veresnya 2018 R.

Such loads Henry believes is quite small. In the 90 years he was engaged in aerobics and could perform complicated yoga poses, including standing on my head. He became interested in her when he lived for some time in Hong Kong.

Henry’s daughter, Linda, has told reporters that her father had always led a healthy lifestyle. He regularly visits the gym since 1978, the youth involved in swimming, don’t smoke or drink.

The man always watches his diet. For Breakfast Zeng eats two hard boiled eggs and a little bran, half a grapefruit and banana, toast with butter and jam, and also drinks a Cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. In the afternoon he can afford something from your favorite Italian, Mexican or Chinese cuisine. For dinner, Henry — baked lean meat, eggs or soup. Henry not deprive yourself of small pleasures — sometimes he allows himself something sweet or even fast food.

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