The UK is planning to strengthen the fight against illegal income of Russians

The UK is planning to strengthen the fight against illegal income of Russians

The British authorities intend to intensify the fight against suspicious income residing in the country of citizens of Russia and other countries, reports Financial Times. Plans to tighten security measures, the publication said the head of the National crime Agency (NCA), the UK’s fraud and economic crimes Donald Tong.


According to him, the NCA wants to extend the warrant for the arrest of a wealth of unknown origin. Under orders assets in the UK will be frozen. “Whether our goals the Russians? Of course, Yes. We check the Russian assets of the high cost and find out if we can go to the courts and to Express enough concern to get a warrant (for arrest of assets.— “Kommersant”)”, — said Mr. Tong.

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He said that the attention of the NCA attract not only Russians but also people from other countries, including former Soviet republics, as well as from Africa and Asia. Estimated NCA, “the flow of dirty money in London” is estimated at £90 billion.

Previously, The Sunday Times reported that the NCA is conducting an investigation in respect of 120-140 “corrupt elites”, among which were “the Russian oligarchs and multi-millionaires”. We will remind, in may the international relations Committee of the British Parliament urged the government “to impose sanctions on a greater number of Kremlin-connected individuals and those who are responsible for gross violations of human rights”.

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