Hurricane “Florence” is very close to the U.S. coast

Hurricane “Florence” is very close to the U.S. coast

Tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity on the East coast of the United States, which came close hurricane “Florence”.


Hurricane as you move to the mainland weakened to the first category on the Saffir — Simpson scale (out of a possible five, where five is the maximum), now the wind speed in the eye of the hurricane is 150 miles per hour.

The danger is not passed

However, as warned by meteorologists and local authorities, we cannot say that the danger has passed. A huge amount of rainfall, which carries with it a hurricane, can lead to catastrophic consequences.

On Friday morning the hurricane came close to the coast of the States of North and South Carolina. In the coastal cities of the state of sea water flooded some streets. State governments warn that there is the risk of “catastrophic floods” which, in turn, can lead to death. According to meteorologists, over the next two or three days in North Carolina falls to eight-month norm of precipitation.

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According to the forecast of meteorologists, hurricane “Florence” will reach the coast of North Carolina in a noon local time on Friday.

It is expected that the areas at risk will be evacuated over a million people.

The Governor of the state underlined that the authorities and inhabitants of the region had time to take the necessary measures, and there is still some time.

A catastrophic flood

Weather in North and South Carolina has deteriorated significantly on Thursday. In some areas of North Carolina just a few hours fell about 30 cm of precipitation.