The dog unearthed artifacts Bronze age while walking

The dog unearthed artifacts Bronze age while walking

Walking in the Czech countryside Kostelecke Horky over the unexpected find.


Mr. Frankola, as usual, was walking her dog Monty in the fields surrounding the village. Soon Monty was getting very keen to find something specific. The owner came closer and noticed something kind of bronze tools. In the end, was discovered a real treasure: 13 sickles, two tip of the spear, axe and three bracelets. All of them more than 3,000 years, according to Czech Radio.

Archaeologist Martin Bekova, who studied the findings, said: “the fact that so many objects were in the same place, talking about a sacrifice. We were surprised that all the items whole, because these parts are usually buried debris or melted items. This is an amazing find”. It is believed that the items were part of the burial ritual practiced Indo-European tribes who lived on the present territory of the Czech Republic.