The winners of “Leaders of Russia” support the holding of a new competition

The winners of “Leaders of Russia” support the holding of a new competition

Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Pavel Sorokin and the Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Ilya Hummocks that have previously winners of “Leaders of Russia”, considered the competition a real social Elevator. They declared East economic forum (WEF), which started in Vladivostok.


Maxim Sorokin, in turn, noted that thanks to the contest, he managed to meet with many people, to establish horizontal links, including in government agencies.

“And most importantly, that this competition has become for me a kind of starting point that helped me go to the civil service, because all my life wanted good for the country to bear,” he notes.
He said he will “push” their employees to ensure that they participated in the next contest, as it is very useful from the point of view of development.

Ilya Ridges, said that in his team in the position of head of the Department already operates one of the finalists.

Only in the WEF involved 10 graduate programs administrative talent pool and 14 winners of the national competition of managers “Leaders of Russia”. In the forum’s activities also involved the graduates I of the flow of the program administrative talent pool, including the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Evgenie Dietrich and Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov.