In Vietnam, asked the citizens not to eat dogs

In Vietnam, asked the citizens not to eat dogs

The authorities of the Vietnamese capital Hanoi urged residents to refuse dog meat, writes BBC News. The reasons for the rejection of tradition — damage the reputation of the city and the threat of deadly diseases.


In the people’s Committee of Hanoi said that the ancient Asian practice of the “stain on the image of a civilized and modern capital”. In addition, eating dog meat is threatened by diseases such as leptospirosis and rabies.

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At the moment, more than a thousand shops in the capital sell the meat of dogs and cats. Cat meat is less popular, but also goes into the food. Committee representatives stressed that animals are often sacrificed cruel ways.

The city is home to approximately 490 thousand cats and dogs. Mostly Pets, but about 10 percent of the animals grown for slaughter. In that time, many Vietnamese refuse to eat them, tradition remains “deeply rooted” in the Vietnamese society. Even those who agree with the opinion of the city authorities, I believe that not all will want and will be able to get rid of established habits, marks the channel.

According to one of the users of Facebook, the ban on meat would violate the freedom of citizens. He proposed to tax the sale of dog meat taxes or allow it only in designated areas.

The meat of dogs is one of the largest articles of food industry of Vietnam. It is in demand because of its cheapness. According to the Guardian newspaper in the country for meat are killed each year to five million dogs.