Crimean students defeated the spades night club and drank soda in it

Crimean students defeated the spades night club and drank soda in it

In Crimea, two schoolboys defeated the spades night club and opened the empty safe. This was reported by the Crimean news Agency the owner of the club “Gallery” Vladimir Heberlein.


The incident occurred in the village of Petrovka, Krasnogvardeyskiy district.

“Two young children from third and sixth classes entered the premises of the institution and smashed with shovels all can see. They destroyed all the equipment. After that, the children all filled with foam from fire extinguishers, sat on the sofa and drank “Pepsi-Cola”Mr Keberlanjutan institutions

Students also broke into the safe at the club, but the money was not found, because entertainment does not work for three months. According to the owner of the club, the children were caught red-handed, but they denied it.

“Their involvement in the defeat confirmed by the surveillance cameras. Now the investigation is underway. With children and their parents, the police. The total damage is estimated at two million rubles,” — said Heberlein.

The press service of the Ministry of interior in Republic of Crimea confirmed that the application is accepted, the check is in progress and the amount of damage. “By results of check will be made legal decision. Including, of course, the legal assessment will be given to parents of minors”, — stressed in the police.

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