The governors left for the second round

The governors left for the second round

Unexpected results of the single voting day.


For the first time after returning in 2012 direct gubernatorial elections in several regions expected second round. He was sure to take place in Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. On the verge of the second round and the situation in Khakassia. The bad performance of at least three current governors is superimposed on the difficulties faced by the “United Russia” in a number of regions on elections in local parliaments. So, in the Irkutsk region “United Russia” was able to collect only a third of the votes on party lists, giving the Communist party. The entire campaign took place against the backdrop of protests over raising the retirement age. The Prime Minister and the leader of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday acknowledged that the pension reform “increased the intensity of the campaign”, but the result of the game called decent.

In the Khabarovsk territory acting head of the region Vyacheslav Shport and the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Sergey Furgal scored about the same number of votes — 35% (by time).

On the Charter side of the second tour should take two weeks.

The results of the liberal democratic party in major elections in the region in recent years has increased. The state Duma elections 2011 “United Russia” has typed 43,5%, and LDPR — 19%, in 2016, the ruling party received 36.9% compared to 25 percent for the liberal democratic party. In the gubernatorial election 2013 Vyacheslav Shport won Mr. Furgala typing 63,92% of the votes against of 19.14%.

“At some point, the counting of votes in krajizbirkoma even stayed, we had sent a complaint to the CEC, because to explain what happened but could not. We hope and believe that all sane forces will support the second round of our candidate”, — said “Kommersant” Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev. He drew attention to the third candidate from the Communist party Anastasia Salamah. “Announce the final results — will sit down with the Communist party to the negotiating table and talk about this,” said Mr. Lebedev.

In the liberal democratic party did not rule out that the exchange will support the candidate of the Communist party in governors of Primorski Krai Andrey Ishchenko — in this region the situation is also close to the second round.

The acting head of Primorye Andrey Tarasenko, nominated by “United Russia” won about 46,40% of the votes and the Deputy of the regional Assembly Andrey Ishchenko — 24.75 per cent. The candidate of the liberal democratic party of Andrew Andreichenko received about 10% of the votes. “The agreement with the liberal democratic party should be subject to special agreements, while they are not”, — said “Kommersant” the Deputy Chairman of the KPRF Central Committee Dmitri Novikov. According to the Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov, the party will not endorse candidates from the LDPR or the Communist party only because of their opposition: “there Should be serious negotiations, discussion of programs.”

According to political scientist Rostislav Turovsky, the people of the Far East were disappointed, “plans and projects” concerning the district.

“Programs were enormous, and their real effect was that people saw. Local authorities also failed to explain to the population when programs earn and that will give”, — he said. Mr. Turov noted that Vyacheslav Shport at the head of the region focused on the support of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where long time worked in the enterprise of the Corporation “Sukhoi”.

“Elite Khabarovsk the situation is not satisfied, the Khabarovsk voters also had their say — a large part of the population lives in the capital”, — noted the expert. And said that the candidate from “United Russia” in mayors of Khabarovsk Sergey Kravchuk, the result was higher than that of Mr. Shport, — 40%: “This suggests that cross-linking of the campaigns of the Governor and the mayor were not, and the urban elite acted by themselves.”