The British experience: how to become a millionaire from the comfort of the bedrooms

The British experience: how to become a millionaire from the comfort of the bedrooms

To paraphrase a famous TV show (and the songs of Frank Sinatra), who among us would not want to be a millionaire?


Of course, money is not everything, but it doesn’t stop us from dreams in which we come up with a terrific business idea into a million dollars and dream about how it will save us from having every day for someone to work and live permanently in debt.

But no matter how much we dream of-becoming a millionaire is extremely difficult, especially for young people. But some succeeded. Whether it’s blogging or playing on bitcoins — all our heroes have achieved success at a young age, literally from the comfort of the bedroom.

Millions in bitcoins

Erica Stanford, 30 years, Berkshire

I was not always able to handle money wisely, sometimes I had to get into debt. But I’m always happy to learn something new. Probably largely due to my curiosity I got interested in cryptocurrencies.

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In 2009, one of the radio programs I first heard about bitcoin — a digital currency that anyone with Internet and a smartphone can send to anyone in the world. Then all limited to the discussion of novelties with dad and friends.

But last year I realized that I was tired of working in sales and marketing, and decided to find out what the blockchain (the so-called digital database, which exists cryptocurrency). I was interested after my friend John began to invest in bitcoins.

Then I found out that using the blockchain can be tracked, for example, where diamonds, stolen Antiques; you can find out the history of resale of cars. All this was extremely interesting. I was very intrigued that the technology can be applied in a practical sense.

I bought bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for £ 200 ($260). I started buying the cheapest types of digital money, having invested £ 2,000 from their credit cards.

A few months later, I earned 30 thousand pounds with which to pay off debts, and left the rest in a savings account. I thought to myself, “This is not a small amount! I could leave work and do just this!”.

And so I did. In September 2017, I wrote a letter of resignation to devote himself to the cryptocurrency trading. Several people in the office said it was stupid and I was scared on the last day at work. I was not sure what I can do to make a living: it’s a new business, it all only starts to develop.

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My boss did not take anybody to my position, waiting for my initiative. I’m a little bit angered and spurred to make every effort to succeed.

It seems to me that bitcoin has a bad reputation, because, as many think, it is used to buy drugs and weapons in “the dark Internet”. I think it is equivalent to the assertion that cash is evil, because they are also used for illegal purposes.

All of my friends were worried about me, and my dad read me a lecture from the series “You will become homeless”. I still needed to pay the mortgage and credit card debt. And Yes, I made mistakes.

The most expensive was when I bought and sold the little-known bitcoin and the end of the day earned 5 thousand pounds. But then for her my e-wallet was transferred to a preventive mode and switched to offline mode, which I have not been able to deduce from it the earned.

In the end, I lost everything. It was awful. In my head rang the words of a former boss: “I told you so”.

Trading cryptocurrencies, you can lose money very easily. I didn’t understand that if the currency rises sharply in price, it is likely she might just as easily depreciate. I started to devote more time to studying the market, finding patterns, and identifying new projects in which to invest.

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I will never forget the moment when I saw the amount in my online wallet began to really grow. When just a few months after leaving work, I earned my first million, I felt panic.

I didn’t know what to do — either to withdraw all the money again to invest. I decided to keep most of it, but there was a feeling that this money is fake, from the game “Monopoly”.