Monson, Vostrikov and working with Gas. The election ended?

Monson, Vostrikov and working with Gas. The election ended?

In more than 80 regions of Russia September 9 elections of different levels. In addition to officials and party activists to the polls were people who gained wide recognition throughout Russia and tried to convert it into parliamentary mandates at the local level. Russian service Bi-bi-si says, if they managed it.


Last Sunday Russia held a single day of voting in which the election of the heads 22 of the regions and of deputies of legislative bodies of 16 regions. Also in the regions was about 5 thousand elections to bodies of local self-government.

In MPs, among others, elected people, until recently, far from politics.

Victoria Skripal

Where I stood: to the regional Duma of Yaroslavl region.

The result: not elected.

Niece poisoned in Britain, ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal literally became a full-time commentator on Russian television shortly after the incident with her uncle.

She became a regular participant in the programs of the First channel devoted to poisoning Skripal and his daughter Julia, and was formally employed with an affiliated channel of the company with a monthly salary of 115 thousand rubles.

In July, she told bi-Bi-si about his decision to run:

I first approached the public reception of them [a just Russia] with your questions, they helped me. A week later, they called and asked — do you want to run from our party?

While she called herself “a staunch Communist” and “an opponent of Putin.”

Skripal was headed by the territorial part of the list “Fair Russia” in the 10th district (Frunze district of Yaroslavl). In the end, the party list shared fourth place with the “Communists of Russia” with result of 6.4%. In the first place in this County — “United Russia” with 40.4%. Its place in the list gives her parliamentary mandate.

Newsof the Governors left for the second round

Skripal defeat explained bi-Bi-si that competed with regional “heavyweights”. She is the Director of radio factory in Yaroslavl Sergey Yakushev and former mayor of the city Victor Volonchunas.

“They have all the resources and plant in our County. Then we didn’t have a good PR campaign. That’s all. But Volonchunas also did not pass,” said she.

“I don’t know that I will continue to do so. I have two projects, and I over them will work,” said bi-Bi-si Skripal. First, she said, is a center for women who are in difficult life situation, the second is the animal shelter.

“Policy — view. Now bile is all the public will pour out, and move on. Are determined by the end of next week. Well, its not the main cast. Their relatives”, she added.