71-year-old teacher survived in a fight with a crocodile

71-year-old teacher survived in a fight with a crocodile

He bravely fought for life.


Peter Knottenbelt from South Africa was walking with his wife and granddaughter near the river, the Olifants and accidentally stepped on the back of a three-meter crocodile.

The animal responded instantly — crocodile grabbed an elderly man by the leg, began to shake them from side to side, and then dragged under the water. The wife and granddaughter of Peter in terror stood on the shore. When he awoke, they began to call for help.

University lecturer, 71, who stepped on crocodile in South African bush survives a fight of his life

— Paris Hatzievagelou (@parishatzi) 8 Sep 2018

Peter Knottenbelt long taught at the University of mining until he retired.

“I heard cracked bones in his leg. At that moment I thought all my attempts to get rid of such a large predator in vain,” says the victim.

However, to give 71-year-old man was not going to. Already in the water he tried to reach the head of the crocodile and began to press on his eyes. Disoriented predator literally spit out the prey and hid in the water.

By this time the screams of the wife and granddaughter of Peter ran the Rangers. They started shooting into the water to keep the predator at a distance. One of the Rangers, despite great risk to himself, rushed into the water and pulled the wounded to shore. With the help of a harness and clothing managed to stop the bleeding until medics arrive.

The fight, according to witnesses, lasted about 20 minutes. Peter suffered serious injuries, including a punctured lung, chest trauma, six broken ribs, dislocations and cracks. The right leg of the victim had to be amputated. Over the next 14 days he endured 12 operations.