Telegraph: the suspects in the assassination Skrobala repeatedly flew to Geneva

Telegraph: the suspects in the assassination Skrobala repeatedly flew to Geneva

LONDON, September 8. /TASS/ — the Source noted that for the investigation it is important to establish with whom the men met in Switzerland.


Two Russians, whom the British investigation suspects in the assassination of Sergey and Yulia Skrobala, from September 2016 through March 2018 nearly three dozen times to fly to Europe, mostly second-largest city of Switzerland — Geneva. This is with reference to sources in the British government reported in the Friday newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

According to the source, to establish who the suspects met in Geneva, it is of crucial importance, and this is “of key importance to the ongoing investigation”.

As it turns out, the men traveled together, and alone. Geneva for the period they visited at least six times in total spending in the city for a few weeks. The publication notes that they were there, including in November-December of 2017, when in the Swiss city hosted one of the rounds of negotiations on a political settlement in Syria. After the men left London on 4 March this year, their Russian passport, issued in September 2016, is no longer used.

They repeatedly flew from Moscow to Paris, visited Italy. Mostly they were using the flights of “Aeroflot”, but sometimes also resorted to the services of other airlines. The newspaper notes that on flights and hotels had to leave quite a large amount. Earlier The Daily Telegraph reported that the suspects allegedly posing as businessmen from St. Petersburg to obtain visas to enter the UK.