Tax free for a Shopaholic. How to return money for foreign purchases

Tax free for a Shopaholic. How to return money for foreign purchases

MOSCOW, 7 sen — news, Maria Selivanova. For travelers who combine leisure for shopping, discounts are not the only way of saving. Part of the funds spent on the purchase, you can return at the airport, taking advantage of the tax free system. How much money will be able to compensate and take — in the material RIA Novosti.

UpTax refund

Taxes, including VAT included in the price of almost all goods. But foreigners should not pay them in a foreign country because they do not enjoy its benefits. The procedure is tax free allows you to reclaim VAT on purchases made abroad.

VAT is always different: in Greece 24%, Italy 22%, Czech — 21%, France — 20% Germany — 19%, Turkey — 18%, China 16%, while in Thailand — just seven percent.

In addition, each country sets a minimum purchase price, which tax return: in France — with checks in the amount of 175 euros, and in Germany from 25 Euro.

Thus, it is possible to compensate approximately the fifth part of the money spent on shopping money.

Information costs money

Meanwhile the majority of Russians (82%) are not familiar with the tax free system, according to a survey by the National center for financial studies (NAFI).

And half of those who know about tax free, too, did not use this system. Five percent reported that they did not have enough time for the issue of return, three per cent do not know how to make it, the rest did not keep the receipts.

There may be several reasons for the refusal of travelers from tax free. A small sum with a small number of purchases, and an unwillingness to look at the airport — especially a large — appropriate services, language barrier, and misfiled receipts.Margarita Jeremiahadamt Club protection of tourists ‘ rights

Actually tax free, it’s very simple, if you know what you need to do in the store, the hotel and the airport.

Two receipts for the purchase ofthe NewsFrom Moscow to China: walking the crowd and not to dine alone

In stores at the checkout counter and on showcase there is usually a logo of one of the operators-intermediaries in VAT refund to foreigners. Together with your till receipt you need to ask the seller to issue a Tax Free Form or Global Refund Check. They should be information about the shop and bought the goods. The procedure takes a couple of minutes. For registration of securities typically requires a passport. Both check the seller put it in an envelope with the address of the company-operator and given to the tourist.

Receipts for things purchased in one store, you can summarize. But the purchase must be made in one day.