From Sicily to Stavropol

From Sicily to Stavropol

The PR man was surprised at the Caucasus and how to make dreams of distant countries a reality — life hacks and experience world traveler.


In the past the journalist, now specialist in public relations Gregory meadow 32 years. The last of them, together with his wife Irina and polutorogodovalogo son he spent traveling around the world.

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— We had a little boy, so every country or region we lived in the same month: the less moves, the less stress for the child, — says Gregory.

The journey began in Sicily, the southernmost region of Italy. Then the family lived in France, in Corsica, in Valencia, Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Australia, Bali, South Korea. Then came the Russian stage of the world tour: Amur region, Tynda, Yakutsk, where the parents live, Irina, and Irkutsk.

— Completed the journey we in the Caucasus, visiting Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Stavropol Krai. In Inozemtsevo we have a house built by my grandmother, — says Gregory. — I am very glad to end this adventure here. Thanks to a childhood in Minvody I always loved the mountains, and wherever we were on our way, I have always compared these locations with native Caucasus. Therefore, the Caucasus, particularly the region of Mineralnye Vody, were not a revelation for me. However, in the world I managed to look at him with new eyes.

During the download an error has occurred.Stereotypes: do not go in a bathing suit — and everything will be fine

— I’m relatively often in the Caucasus, and stereotypes I have left. But judging by questions from friends and blog readers, they are.

News, “I said, guys I put it here”

The danger on the roads. Recently in the settlements of the Caucasus there was a lot of speed bumps, road cameras, themselves Federal highways become better and better. Recklessness now much less.

Greedy traffic cops. A few years ago, friends talked me out of renting a car in Caucasus, because behind every Bush is the traffic COP and he feels entitled to demand any amount under false pretenses. Personally, this problem is not encountered.

Aggressive population. In the Caucasus, especially in the villages, people are much calmer and happier than in Moscow. They are very polite and hospitable. As I said the Imam Terskol Abdulkarim Olmezov, without tourism the Caucasus is not to be in the Caucasus — a long tradition of hospitality. The main thing — to observe some simple rules. According to Imam, they are: follow the dress code, don’t go for human settlements in a bathing suit — and everything will be fine.

Great food, but too much garbage

— Caucasian food we liked the kebabs and lagman. But we love the quality of the food at local markets! My main Caucasian culinary experience is a new Top market in Pyatigorsk. Modern, in line with the latest urban trends.

The Caucasus as a tourist destination is moving in the right direction. But there is one huge unsolved problem — it’s rubbish. Littered natural objects is just terrible. Only two places in our path could “compete” in this issue of the Caucasus: our, Russian, the far East and the Indonesian island of Bali, where sea after storms turns into an ocean of plastic waste.