Coaches, trainers, Gypsy. How not to give in to manipulation

Coaches, trainers, Gypsy. How not to give in to manipulation

Has not yet subsided, the noise of applause 26 000 wealthy audience of a recent show in “Olympic” voluntarily enriched foreign coach for several million dollars, as Moscow was decorated with posters of the new event… a Feeling of deja vu is not leaving around the mid 1990-ies.


Once all Russia was charging at the white-haired gentleman cans of water in front of the TV and massively healed in the session of another gloomy therapist (as he called himself, because the now fashionable word is “coach” then was not in the course). All this happened more than once: heated debate supporters, the arguments kept relatively sober, and the steady flow of cash from the pockets of impressionable citizens in a purse in guessing the fertile niche on tour.

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Have to admit the obvious: people at any age believe in fairy tales and prefer instant miracle “problem solving” stage of their own hard work. For the opportunity at least for a short time to throw off the burden of problems on someone else’s shoulders people are willing to pay a lot of money, even the last money ready at times to give. Changing the delivery method of manipulation, but does not change its essence, as does not change the underlying need that caused it.

What is the basis of this need? Sadly, in the projection of the fear of death, inherent in any normal living creature, and desired to have time to enjoy life, despite its brevity, podstrahovat risks own choice bright successful example of someone who was already rejuvenated by jumping into a VAT of boiling milk, and then became the king — as in a fairy tale about eternal youth and the Kingdom to boot.

Did you notice that the most popular are those manipulators who managed to create an image of the now very successful people, but certainly had big problems in the past: health, wealth, love?

That is, the manipulator according to all that he was able to get out of a gaping abyss, and he knows the universal recipe by which everyone will be able to become healthy, wealthy, and beautiful, even now does not.

Says the popular online anecdote: “Bought at high prices the course “How not to be deceived”. What do you do? Had so many scams”. One who did not understand the humor of this anecdote should be particularly careful to read any further, because is in a high risk zone.

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Do you know which businesses have the highest profitability? Not oil or any “properly structured”. The highest yield and sustainability are businesses built on need. Basic human needs, frustration of which threatens the very fact of its existence. And therefore brings it closer to the main fear: death. Therefore, the food will be produce to buy at any time. And the deeper the crisis, the more expensive will food and water and probably with lower quality. So the same people will be willing to sell everything — just to pay medical and pharmaceutical bills in the event of a serious illness… And even sex as such is indestructible, because the need to reproduce as a biological species inherent in any human being in the “initial Assembly”.

Numerous “personal growth” also exploit the need. Man is a social being. The need for socialization so firmly connected with the basic ability to survive that the inability to socialize in their extreme form, is considered a serious illness (autism, for example).

Though in fact it is only a syndrome (autistic other things being equal healthy and in any case “not contagious” and “not infected”, just his reaction — “special”). The ability to find a balance between your personality and the opportunities for expression provided by the company — the essence of successful socialization and the success of the notorious personal growth.

Industry coaching psychotherapy (not psychiatry!), motivational speakersto, different “personal training” adult and other infotaiment has as basis the need for adequate socialization. Therefore, changing the shape and memes, this industry will have a long life. With high margins.

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What is less well understood industry product “touch”, the more difficult to create standards. And standards protect the industry in which exist, from incorrect product offerings.

In the same pharmacy the next issue of “pills only” in decent countries is accompanied by a long period of testing on animals, then on groups of volunteers… And only after a robust confirmation of the adequacy of the result (and the lack of a pronounced irreversible mass side effects) is available on the market. The same with food. And even the sex industry in those countries where it is officially allowed, requires regular medical examinations of prostitutes for the absence of sexually transmitted diseases.

But with numerous “personal growth guru” this is worse. The entrance to this market has a low threshold.

Emotion, especially in a crowd, has a transmissibility. I think everyone had to go to some movie that was announced as a Comedy, but at first failed to find the humor in it. But shogunal in hall one, then the other, then the neighbor next to you laughed and you suddenly realize that too happily laugh… Although if you then review the film in isolation, then can not stand more than ten minutes — boring and not funny. Same with the emotion of grief: even if you never knew the deceased, you can hardly refrain from tears, if you find yourself among a large group of people weeping at a funeral.

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This property is contagious emotions — actively kapitaliserede for many centuries. In the theatre actors specially hired people who are in the right places had to laugh or cry, providing the desired response from the audience. And the funeral and still in the villages call the attendants-for the mourning women, which will provide such a howl all present for someone else they informed the deceased that everyone will be satisfied. Including the deceased.

Skilled socialization is based on empathy — the ability to feel the emotion of people close to and use it for his advancement. Inept socialization is either the inability to empathize at all, a sort of social deafness, lack of understanding of other people’s feelings or the inability to get out of someone else’s emotions, entering in emotional resonance and the inability to manage their emotion.

And socially deaf people, and sincere empaths often become the object of manipulation because each person has two basic properties of the psyche.

The first property is that at the same time a person capable of one event either to assess or to feel. For example, when we love, we get stupid, and because literally at this time the brain is not working. Rationalization and emotion at the same time about the same event or object that is physically impossible — that’s the way our thinking function. Manipulators are actively using it, deliberately provoking the people of high emotion and compelling to make decisions on a sober head cold, no one would take.

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The second feature — people really don’t like feeling like idiots (this is normal), so the man himself always explain your stupidity as a purely thoughtful and helpful action. Manipulators of all times and people do use it to liberate people from unnecessary (and sometimes extra) cash in their favor.

There is another interesting condition helping the manipulators and also built-in a certain way. As you know, people get information about the world of one of the four channels of perception: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and digital. Therefore, any show — to ease the impact on the emotions of the room — it will certainly have sound effects, bright colors, motion elements and some data. The first is, perhaps, noticed Gypsy. Therefore, even the most clever sometimes had to part with the wallet (and allegedly voluntarily!), because vortex of bright colors, polyphonic noise, continuous and touch some numbers (“Give me a ruble!”, “You’ll live another hundred years”) will surely drive the brain into a stupor. And emotion is empty in the head place.