“Went right down to devils” that stopped work on the Kola well

“Went right down to devils” that stopped work on the Kola well

MOSCOW, 6 sen — news, Alexey Mikheyev, Alexander Egortsev. “Zaburilis to devils,” was the people’s verdict one of the most ambitious scientific projects of the Soviet Union, the Kola superdeep borehole. The second decade I bet that stopped the geological survey. There were rumors that in working the audio recordings of the researchers, there were “cries of sinners in hell.”


Why in the ruins of the destroyed rig is still not himself, who saw in a dream the devil performing “Hymn of the workers”, and where the entrance to Shambhala is in the material RIA Novosti.

Who lives on deep

“Hear anything?” Explorer freezes for a few seconds, to something listening.

“Should I?” — with feigned indifference throw us. But the chill still ran. To climb at midnight in a long-abandoned people eerie place — not the best idea. For many miles around stone tundra of the Kola Peninsula, the white night and absolute calm.

News“Earth fell, the forest was gone.” As there are craters in the ground

Go into the dark and lifeless corridors, we find ourselves in a spacious hangar. The flashlight beam creeping up on a concrete wall, stops at the second floor level, from the darkness snatched a tiny little window like those in kinobudka.

“Here in the room we have and was all the recording equipment through this window stretched wires straight to the rig. So, if there were some “voices of hell”, were here,” our guide Sergey Nesterenko, one of the last employees of the Kola superdeep borehole, again listening to the night music of abandoned object: beat loudly in the concrete floor drop.

Around wood cabinets, shards of glass, fragments of metal. Through the empty eye sockets broken Windows can be seen the orange glow of the white nights over the hills. Over the crumpled sheet metal seems to be some movement. Fox! Flashed and disappeared in the tundra.

Journey to the center of the Earth

“You know, it’s like the conquest of space”, — Sergey, bypassing the puddle, in which was lying the old plunger, grabs a flashlight sticking out of the water hatch, tightly spun with huge bolts. Only in space humanity has advanced much further than in the depths of the Earth… 12 262 meters is the limit. Deeper Earth people were not allowed.

The Kola superdeep borehole (or SG-3) is located in Murmansk region, near the border with Norway, between the city of Zapolyarny and the Nickel settlement. Listed in the Guinness Book of records. Unlike the rest of the ultradeep wells of the world, pursuing practical tasks — oil and gas extraction, Kola was drilled solely for scientific purposes: to study the lower layers of the earth’s crust and mantle. The project was implemented by a specially crafted expedition of deep drilling. By the way, some generally accepted ideas about the structure of the Earth, this well unexpectedly denied.

The well to hell

About the Kola superdeep I first heard 10-15 years ago from a priest and a former employee of the Leningrad KB. He was familiar with one of the scientists who worked on SG-3. Once he admitted that he kept some notes of the instrument from the well. Is there and sounds the “bottom” is very strange, to put it mildly unpleasant… His version was different from the mass media and the Internet legends of “the groans of the sinners in hell”, but was no less gloomy:

Rumors that the Soviet scientists in the Kola Peninsula “zaburilis to hell”, since the late 1980s. Like, dropped to the bottom of the well some devices, which recorded a very high temperature, the present hell, and then at the microphone I heard a terrible sound, like the “moaning of the sinners from hell.” Even told that once out of the hole jumped a creature that resembles the devil.

Foreign journalists called Soviet drilling rig in the Kola Peninsula “well to hell” (the Well to Hell hoax). They said that it was due to drilling the Soviet Union collapsed — they say that each new kilometer into the depths of the planet has brought the country misery, and when he started sinking thirteenth thousand meters, the country completely collapsed.

Later revelations. It turned out, the horror story about the “hellish” drill launched one of the Finnish Newspapers, in conjunction with the publication for April fool’s Day — April 1. In the Internet you can find memories about how do Soviet scientists, atheists and comedians, came up with the joke about the “sounds from hell”. But whatever it was, it is uncontested that at a depth of over ten thousand metres of drilling was regularly faced with difficulties, obstacles and setbacks.