Julia Samoylova has promised to clarify the statement about emigration to Europe

Julia Samoylova has promised to clarify the statement about emigration to Europe

“The storm,” found that the participant of the Eurovision song contest could receive an invitation from one of the European clinics.


Singer Yulia Samoylova has promised to make a special statement relative to his video in which she said she emigrated to Europe. This “Storm” said the representative of Samoilova. Svetlana Karaulova, assistant chief producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta, suggested that the singer could get an invitation to undergo treatment from one of the European clinics.

“Julia herself will post a video in 16 hours. Now I can’t comment on that”, — said the representative Samoilova correspondent “Storm”.

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“The country [the proposed emigration] is not yet known… It’s health issues”, — said the TV channel “360,” a representative of the press service of the singer.

NewsYulia Samoilova explained the failure at the Eurovision song contest

Samoilov — ambitious, expressive actress, Svetlana told Karerov. Nevertheless, when it appeared in social networks video, which the singer announces his emigration to Europe will likely not really related to the existing plan to relocate to one of the countries of the EU, suggested Karerov.

“At a time when we were preparing for the Eurovision song contest, we [spoke] to her… I have a very good relationship, said Karelova. — This [moving to Europe] is possible in principle — it is a rare disease that maybe she made an offer [from] the hospital. She can say really anything. She’s the girl of ambitious, able to achieve goals”.