Rovshan Askerov left the “What? Where? When?”

Rovshan Askerov left the “What? Where? When?”

MOSCOW, 5 sen — RIA of news. One of the most famous players of the club “What? Where? When?” Rovshan Askerov said about leaving the transmission.


Rovshan Askerov came in the TV club in 1998. Some time played in teams Alexei Blinov and Balash Gasimov, and then he became a captain.

Twenty years in the television club “What? Where? When?”.
The game that changed life. The game, presented the main…

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Askerov has been at the center of scandals. So, he was regularly accused prompts other experts and fundamentally refused to aid the club. This tactic led to a crushing defeat of his team in 2017 with the account 0:6.