A medieval Board game found in the excavations of the Vyborg castle

A medieval Board game found in the excavations of the Vyborg castle

On the excavation of the Vyborg castle archaeologists have discovered the playing field for the table puzzle game that resembles backgammon, checkers or go.


According to Deputy head of the Vyborg expedition of the Institute of material culture of RAS Alexander Smirnov, who leads the TV channel “78”, speech can go about the old entertainment called “Mill”.

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Game is known since the IX—X centuries and was widespread in the countries of Central Asia. From there, she along the trade routes was in the Baltic region and Europe. Usually played two people with chips of different colors.

Scientists believe that found in excavations in the Vyborg castle, the playing field may be the most recent example of such a game in Europe because it is made not of wood but of brick. Most likely, according to archaeologists, the game was negotiable and had a very wide circulation in the cities of Russia, especially in Novgorod, Pskov and Staraya Ladoga.

2 September it became known that the excavations of the Vyborg castle found the room a depth of 4 m, which may be medieval “Mystery house”. It is believed that this room began an underground passage between the castle and the city.