Final Doom 2 secret opened 24 years later

Final Doom 2 secret opened 24 years later

Cult game for the first time 24 years later after the release without using cheat codes have passed 100 percent!


John Romero, one of the creators of Doom 2, congratulated the gamer under the nickname Zero Master managed to reveal the last official secret cult of computer games. We are talking about the reach sector 15-m level (Industrial Zone), designed by Romero.

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Technically, the secret was known and earlier, however to access this area of the map without using cheat codes no one could, in principle, it was considered impossible (it was believed that as much as possible to open only 90% secrets on this level). Gamer and YouTube blogger Zero Master is, however, possible: the player had to lure the monster Pain Elemental and use his attack to open the access to the secret sector (the episode shown approximately in the third minute of the video, available above). As explained by Romero on Twitter, the secret teleporter is marked as “secret”, but when the character touches the teleport to get into the sector is impossible; the only way to reveal the secret using an enemy, which will push the hero right in the secret.

CONGRATS, Zero Master! Finally, after 24 years! “To win the game you must get 100% on level 15 by John Romero.” Great trick getting to that secret! #doom

— (@romero) August 31, 2018.

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