In Surgut, the first graders gave the diaries with error emblem

In Surgut, the first graders gave the diaries with error emblem

KHANTY-MANSIYSK, September 4 — RIA Novosti. The authorities of Surgut (Khanty) in the next few days will replace the copies of the diaries for first graders, where the coat of arms Russia double-headed eagle holds a hammer and sickle instead of a scepter and power, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Advisor to the head of the city Alexander Overchuk.


Previously, the portal “Oh, Surgut!” published photos of the training diary for first graders, which, according to the online resource, students were given municipality. On the page with the symbols of the Russian Federation was the double-headed eagle, which holds a sickle and a hammer, with the inscription under the illustration States that in his paws, and he has the scepter and Orb.

“Change is necessary, there’s about 6 thousand copies, distributed to all first graders. He seized already under investigation within the administration, the perpetrators will be installed. Replace the circulation within a week and a half, there will be a new edition, it’s quite obvious… at the expense of the publisher or not — can’t tell you yet,” said Overchuk.

NewsSchool of Orenburg purchased the journals with the guidance of the mayor, who was arrested the other day for a bribe

The Agency’s interlocutor did not specify, where were printed journals with errors. “Not interested, but this is not exactly on the territory of Yugra, someone won the auction outside of our region”, — said adviser to the head of Surgut.

According to the Protocol on results of purchase published in a single online system, a contract for the supply 5710 training diaries of the municipal educational institution “Center of children’s creativity” concluded with one of the printers of Ulyanovsk. The contract price amounted to about 395 thousand rubles.