Video: Crimean Safari Park lion climbed into the car with tourists

Video: Crimean Safari Park lion climbed into the car with tourists

Crimean lions Park “Taigan” has published online a video of the unusual acquaintance of tourists with a lion while walking in the open electric cars on the territory of the zoo.


Two-year lion Phil, after seeing the Manager of the excursion car of the owner of the Park, Oleg Zubkov, went to him, and then climbed into the cab.

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Lion Fillet of communication are always small, it is not enough just to go and chat with the guests of the Savannah, — said the employee of the zoo Tatiana Alexakhina. — It is necessary to go into the cabin and get behind the wheel, although this is not enough. He needs to steer.

Climbing into an electric car, Phil began to lick the stunned tourists and rubbing against them like a cat. Tourists fled and continued to shoot what is happening on smartphones.

However, not all Internet users share the excitement live with lion sex. Many remember what happened in the July incident when one of the lions bit the hand of a tourist. Going for a walk in a Safari Park, yet it should be remembered that tourists are dealing with wild animals whose behavior, despite the delicate relationship with the owner can be unpredictable.

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