Plastic eyes. Store Kuwait fish “refreshed” in an unusual way

Plastic eyes. Store Kuwait fish “refreshed” in an unusual way

But the trick didn’t work.


The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Bayan shared a funny story. The journalists said on Twitter that one of the local shops tried to “fake” appearance selling fish to make it look fresh.

Lying several days on the counter, the goods were given yellowed eyes, and that store employees decided to fix the duel — real they glued on the eyes, which are used in the manufacture of toys.

And the fish began to look not so fresh, but much more fun. However, this idea is not appreciated neither the buyers nor the city authorities, it is logical considering it is a deception of the people.

وزارة التجارة تغلق محلا لبيع الأسماك يضع مزيفة للأسماك لتبدو عدسات على انها طازجة!

— جريدة بيان الكويتية (@Bayan_kw) September 1, 2018

Now, according to the newspaper Al Bayan, the store closed. And not the fact that someday it will resume.

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