Indian hard trying to find any girl putting up their own photos

Indian hard trying to find any girl putting up their own photos

According to him, it was love at first sight.


Authentic Indian dramas occur not only in movies but in real life. From late July the 29-year-old young man named Biswajit Poddar little Jock near Calcutta trying to find “the love of his life”, which was once traveling in the train.

According to Indian lover, when he was driving to work, noticed in the car beautiful girl who liked him immediately. Come and get to know he decided not to, since she was with her parents. But, according to Poddar, stranger “say it back” and smiled in response.

That day they parted ways, but the young man was unable to forget this encounter and now aggressively trying to find the girl from the train. Now daily Poddar rides the same train at the same time and in the same clothes, so when we meet, beloved, know it was him.

But this persistent Indian did not stop. He printed four thousand large posters with ads about finding the mysterious stranger and pasted them along the six-kilometer section of the railway. On the posters he pointed out the details of the trip, described the girl and placed two of her portrait.

#World Lovesick man’s desperate appeal to find woman he fell in love with on a train

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While these efforts have yielded no results, but Biswajit not be discouraged from continuing to believe in miracles.