In Volgograd from hospital discharged a woman whose son was looking for a cure for ad

In Volgograd from hospital discharged a woman whose son was looking for a cure for ad

VOLGOGRAD, September 3. /TASS/ — Further treatment it will be outpatient.


The inhabitant of Volgograd 43-year-old Svetlana Sidorova with an aneurysm of the brain vessels, which previously posted at the entrances ads son found the medicine, discharged from hospital, said her eldest son Andrei Shitikov.

Earlier in social networks have publicized the story of how 12-year-old student in Volgograd pasted on the entrances of homes the announcement that his mother after a stroke required medicine “Nimotop” that is not available in pharmacies. The townspeople responded to the call for help and brought the woman the drug, the reception which it at that time, resumed.

The mother was discharged, I am now in the car taking mum home, she was much better after the surgery. The doctors said that the treatment can be continued as an outpatient — so it will be easier both physically and mentally.Andrew Chitecture the son of Svetlana Sidorova

In the health Committee of the Volgograd region, TASS said that the patient was discharged from the hospital on their own, she has signed a denial of continued hospitalization. “The condition at discharge was characterized as satisfactory”, — said the representative of the regional health Department.

Earlier, the health Department TASS reported that after the incident with the medicine, found by a student’s mother, the patient agreed to re-hospitalization in connection with the aneurysm. In early August, when the first woman with this diagnosis were inpatient treatment, she interrupted him voluntarily.

27 Aug specially invited to Volgograd, the head of the Siberian Center of angioneurology and neurosurgery Kirill Orlov held the woman’s operation on new technologies without an incision on the head. Was installed a stand, which blocked the neck of the aneurysm, it gradually trombones and then dissipates.