“Retirement” rally: a short burst on the edge of the muddy puddles

“Retirement” rally: a short burst on the edge of the muddy puddles

The Communist party failed promised “a national protest”.


In the cities of Russia held rallies against legislative implementation of the pension reform. The organizers of the protests — the representatives and supporters of the Communist party — this time missed in their forecasts significantly in Vladivostok against the 1200 and proudly announced at the end of two thousand really a rally, according to police, left 250 people in Birobidzhan is about 200 (and that with the involvement of the “Fair Russia”). Also according to the regional interior Ministry, in total, the rally in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky left 30 people in Magadan — 50.

In Omsk, where the Communist party is traditionally very strong claims about the regional office, the rally was attended by about 800 people, in Ekaterinburg (according to data published in “Novaya Gazeta”) — action “Shameful regiment” gathered about 500 people, for the Yekaterinburg — beyond statistical significance.