More than a thousand of Novosibirsk came to the rally against pension reform

More than a thousand of Novosibirsk came to the rally against pension reform

Novosibirsk joined the nationwide protest against raising the retirement age, thousands of townspeople gathered on 2 September on the square near the library.


The organizers of the rally began, the Communist party and other left-wing movements — “Apple” and “Democratic choice”. It was preceded by a big propaganda work, activists held in the town of pickets under the slogan “Not out of the second of September — not retired”, during which they distributed party literature and leaflets calling to come to the protest.

“Despite the recent handouts of our government, important to understand the essence of the reform. To understand that if we allow it to take power will go on and will continue to take money from our pocket”, — noted the organizers.

By the way, the opposition coalition was invited to the meeting and deputies of the state Duma from the Novosibirsk region, which had supported raising the retirement age, but on the square they were not seen.

Similar meetings are held September 2 in Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Biysk, Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Tomsk and many other Siberian cities.

This national protest will not end. The Communist party has announced rallies across the country on September 22 — on the eve of a crucial vote on the bill in the state Duma. Opponents of pension reform will continue to insist on holding a referendum on this issue.

Recall that some opponents of the pension reform Vladimir Putin’s speech of 29 August has softened and cajoled, and others, on the contrary, even more angry.