Rapper Kanye West apologized for his words about slavery

Rapper Kanye West apologized for his words about slavery

American rapper Kanye West apologized for his words on slavery, which turned away from him many fans and colleagues on show-to business. Apologizing for it is written, the musician failed to hold back the tears.


American rapper Kanye West, one of the most respected and successful representatives of the industry, apologized for his words on slavery, which he previously outraged the public. About this 41-year-old performer said during a speech at the Chicago radio station WGCI-FM:

I’m really sorry for the double incident — at first it was a photo with a cap with the slogan of Donald trump, and then I aggravated the situation with a statement about slavery. I apologize to all those offended.

Continuing to speak on the subject, Kanye expressed regret that during that controversial interview with TMZ next to him was not his longtime friend and Manager, don Crowley, with whom West had stopped working last year.

Newstrump thanked Kanye West for the support

“Don’s already there next to me, said the rapper, barely holding back tears. — He took care of me like no other. In that situation, when I was in the office of TMZ, I was actually the one that was not there people able to stop that from happening. That collapse is directly related to the absence of the don. I really want him of such incidents will never happen.”

He also touched upon his relationship to the President of the United States Donald Trump, who had publicly supported. According to Kanye, despite his own political convictions, he never voted — including in the last presidential election. In addition, the contractor, in early June released the album “Ye”, explained why, in his opinion, the policy may not be still on the problems of African Americans:

I think he cares about how black people think about him, and he wished that he liked black. Trump wants to be “the greatest President”, and he understands that without the support of African Americans that goal is not achieved.

Not so long ago the artist was a guest of the evening Jimmy Kimmel show and also touched on this topic — but there he failed to explain his position.

News“You show your ass because it’s fashionable”

Scandal Kanye West, in one moment became for many Americans the “main black racist USA” broke out last spring, when rapper by a pair of statements and tweets has been the object of hatred for a number of colleagues in the industry, previously happily collaborated with the musician and producer.

So, one of the most fire records on Twitter West was the post in which the Atlanta native stated he and trump shared “dragon energy” and called the policy brother.