“And we have in the yard” and “Victory Day” — best songs of Joseph Kobzon

“And we have in the yard” and “Victory Day” — best songs of Joseph Kobzon

The artist must serve his people, said Joseph Kobzon. And always toured a lot, played at different venues. He admitted that he had not performed the music that it touches. All songs Kobzon was worried about listeners, taking the deserved popularity.

Наверх16фотографий16фотографий16фотографий”And we have in the yard”

With this work the composer Arkady Ostrovsky and the poet Lev Oshanin began a long and brilliant career Kobzon. Simple and touching, simple song about first love was his first everything — first record on radio and TV, the first record.

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Premiere of “A u NAS vo Dvor” took place in the morning program in the spring of 1962. And immediately a huge success. On radio she received many letters asking about the sequel, the audience wanted the development of the lyrical story. The authors complied with the request: “And again in the yard” Kobzon sang in just six months.

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Composer Ostrovsky was Kobzon unique author. Soon after “And we have in the yard,” the singer performed one of his song — “the Song remains with the person”. In 1964 she became the anthem of the festival “Song of the year”.

Since the 1960s, Iosif Kobzon, one of the major voices and faces of Soviet music. Soloist of all-Union radio, and soon Mosconcert, he toured extensively and also studied at the Institute Gnesin. Gradually elaborated by the author’s style: in addition to the beautiful rich baritone — the ability to select the exact tone for every song.

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An important place in the records of the singer is the soundtrack to the film “Seventeen moments of spring”. Voice for the songs of the composer’s concert on the verses of the Christmas searched for a long time, eventually adopted Joseph Davidovich. But the Director Tatyana Lioznova required him to cease to be oneself, to abandon the author’s manner of execution. The singer was offended, and the final recording was preceded by a month of painstaking rehearsals. Today it seems that other performance and could not be — that’s right he caught the intonation and inner message of the songs.

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Kobzon has often said that he is a child of wartime. That is why in his repertoire has always been so much war songs. To 1970-m to years, the voice of Kobzon became more intense and strong, flow — energetic and sometimes blunt.

Song composer poet Tukhmanov and Kharitonov “Victory Day” was performed many. However, it is the interpretation Kobzon is considered canonical and the most recognizable.