“I gave the song the full Monty”: the deaths of Joseph Kobzon

“I gave the song the full Monty”: the deaths of Joseph Kobzon

As we remember the real folk artists.


30 August in Moscow on 81 year of life died Joseph Davidovich Kobzon. There is no sense of duty with “bereavement” — care Kobzon, the last of the great Soviet artists, is not just a sad fact of history. Kobzon was not just a singer, businessman, politician, teacher, philanthropist. Joseph Davidovich was one of the symbols of Russia, a living legend, those without whom it is impossible to imagine cultural and political landscape of the country changing, in the last sixty years. A real people’s artist, a real Man with a capital letter. The portal iz.ru remembers what was Joseph Kobzon.

News“And we have in the yard” and “Victory Day” — best songs of Joseph Kobzon

Joseph Kobzon was born on 11 September 1937 in the town of chasov Yar of Stalin (now Donetsk) region of Ukraine in the family of David Kunavich Kobzon and the ides of Isaevna, shoykhet-Kobzon. Before the beginning of the war the family moved to Lviv. In 1941, dad went to the front, and the mother with the grandmother and the children had to be evacuated to Uzbekistan. It was a miracle that little Joseph was saved from the brutal massacre in the occupied city by the Nazis and their henchmen. In 1944, the family returned to Ukraine to Kramatorsk, but in late 1940s moved to Dnepropetrovsk. There the future artist graduated from high school and entered the Mining College. During his studies he had his first public speaking club of the College, where he performed popular songs. Seriously was fond of Boxing and even won the championship of Dnepropetrovsk among young men, and then the championship of Ukraine, but left the sport after a knockout. Perhaps that experience gave Kobzon its famous durability, the ability to “punch” — on stage, in business and in politics.

During his service in the army Joseph Davidovich was in the song and dance ensemble of the Transcaucasian military district. It was an invaluable experience and terms of workmanship and after demobilization Kobzon entered the Odessa Conservatory. He soon moved to Moscow, where he became a soloist of all-Union radio; from 1962 to 1965 working in the NHS, and from 1965 until the late 1980s, the soloist-vocalist of Mosconcert. His repertoire includes Patriotic and lyric songs; and although many believed Kobzon “singer officialdom” with the lyrics, he began his nationwide fame. The song “a u NAS vo dvore” Arkady Ostrovsky, launched in 1964, was for Joseph Davidovich first, as we would say today, a hit. In the same year the singer became a laureate of all-Russian contest of variety artists and International song contest in Sopot, Poland.

The owner of a unique lyric-dramatic baritone and excellent diction, Kobzon in the early 1970s was first among equals on the national stage. It was he who opened (“the Ballad about paints” Oscar Feltsman on poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky) the debut of the program “song of the year” in 1971; the transfer, for several decades and became the main musical show in the Soviet and then Russian TV.

In addition to working on stage, Kobzon was actively engaged in teaching activity: since 1984, the singer taught at the State musical-pedagogical Institute Gnesin (which he finished in 1963). Among his students — Valentina Legkostupova, Irina Otieva, Valeri. But Joseph Kobzon helped not just to climb the pop firmament, new stars, he carefully preserved the great heritage of the past. Thanks to Kobzon for our culture was saved by the wonderful songs of the pre-pore from the repertoire of Vadim Kozin, Claudia Shulzhenko, Arkady Pogodin, painstakingly collected and re-written by the singer on records in the 1980s.

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Policy Kobzon became interested in during the time of perestroika, becoming in 1989 the people’s Deputy of the USSR. He has consistently stood for the preservation of a great country — and it is not his fault that the honest voice of the artist drowned in the hubbub of politicians. In 1997 Joseph Kobzon was first elected to the State Duma; since 2011 he is first Deputy Chairman of the culture Committee. Successfully engaged it and business, through which he participated, usually modestly, not advertising — in a variety of charitable projects.

Of course, not left Kobzon and the main business of his life — in 1997, jubilee concert “I gave the song the full Monty” in GTSKZ “Russia” lasted more than 10 hours.

“A Real Lump. Great businessman, organizer, politician and just a man,” wrote about Kobzon in his book of memories keyboardist “time Machine” Peter Podgorodetsky, once worked for five years, accompanying a group of singer.

Kobzon was different phenomenal will to live. In 2002, he has been in a coma for 15 days, but got out — because of the doctor’s skill, or his amazing love of life. Several times Joseph Davydovich has managed to cheat death in spite of his terrible diagnosis. He fought to the last, because it was not only a wife, two children and ten grandchildren; it remained a great, almost dvuhsotmetrovy people. Absent-minded — so decided history — in different countries, under different names.

He was always close to his people in happiness, in sorrow, in any mode and economic system. And the people here were ethnic, not political and certainly not “passport”. Kobzon listened to and believed his people across the vast space, occupying one-sixth of the land — despite appearing suddenly between the boundaries, ideological and religious differences and other signs of the chaotic modern world. He traveled to Kabul to maintain the spirit of fighters of the Soviet limited contingent in the sinister days of Chernobyl without hesitation went to sing for the liquidators of the accident.

During capture of hostages in the theatrical center on Dubrovka, Kobzon is one of the few politicians not afraid to enter to the captured terrorists building to bring the children.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything — his figure, his legendary status commanded respect, few still available. He combined his art even in times when everything seemed to have collapsed and disintegrated into pieces. From Lvov to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and from Murmansk to Ashgabat, sounded his voice in spite of any prohibitions.