“When you see me cry!” In the Czech Republic found a new “hungry stones”

“When you see me cry!” In the Czech Republic found a new “hungry stones”

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. In the city of Decin on the river Elbe has found a new “hungry stones” — inscription XVII century on the coastal rocks, exposed only when the river level reaches record low levels, reports the Daily Mail.


Drought in Europe has led to the shallowing of the large rivers and from under the water of the Elbe seemed more than ten so-called “hunger stones”. They are covered with inscriptions, for example, “When you see me cry”. This text was supposed to alert people that fall on hard times.

The apocalyptic sentiments of ancient authors are quite clear — the drought in those years led to crop failures and massive deaths from starvation. And drying up of rivers below the threshold, marked by a stone, terrified the farmers and townspeople.

The stones wrote the newspaper in the nineteenth century. So, in the Teplitzer Zeitung newspaper on 30 August 1876 was published the news: “Elba after a long drought, came in a deplorable state, such as never was since 1842 — everywhere one can see “hungry stones” and the water level at the bridge does not exceed one meter.”

In the twentieth century the stones were back in 1918 during the First world war. Now the water level in the Elbe river fell to critically low values.

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