“Go underground”. Towns are paying for past exploits of miners

“Go underground”. Towns are paying for past exploits of miners

The houses of the residents of the village sanctuary are crumbling due to the fact that they are standing on the mine workings of the former mine, closed twenty years ago. When they were built, no mines have not been, and no one knew that the ground will gradually disappear.

Upstairsthe House collapses

Rostov oblast, the village sinegorskiy. Household of pensioners Sergey Vasilevich and Natalia Andreevna Shcherbina on Komsomolskaya street stands out among the other solid walls of white brick, has a TV “dish”. But in the yard we presented a bleak picture: a part of the side wall of the housing is missing, it collapsed. The couple bought this house 27 years ago, ennobled it, hoping it calm to age.

Their house began to crumble in 2007, exactly ten years after he had closed the mine office “Krasnodonetskaya”, where coal was mined. On past employment of mine like the mountain-heaps, they are visible in the distance.

First, cracks on the walls appeared thin as strings, we don’t pay attention, but every year the strain was increased, the house started to come apart, and recently did the wall collapsed.Natalya Shcherbina

Her husband worked as a driver at the mine, he recalls: “the Rain poured in torrents, the lightning flashed, and she heard a powerful blow, I thought that lightning struck, came out to see — and that wall has collapsed!”.

The family appealed for help to the administration of Belokalitvensky Raion, where they showed a map of the underground workings. And, as if the sentence read: “Your house is mine!” And these houses still 346.

Somewhere out there, at a depth of 80-100 metres under the ground, miners like moles, did drifts, extracting minerals. By coincidence, these voids are today, a house in Sinegorskiy. A structure appeared long before the discovery of the mines, and at the peak of coal production about the negative effects of buildings, few people thought. It was necessary to give the country of coal!

In the administration of the villagers said that on receipt of money from the Federal budget will provide new housing under the Federal program on resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing became uninhabitable as a result of conducting mining operations on the liquidated mines. Indeed, some families received new housing.

However, according to the head of Department of municipal economy of administration of Sinegorskiy rural settlement Tatyana Surikova, three years of money from the Federal budget for the resettlement of English.

Pensioners left with the trouble one on one: they’re trying to seal cracks in the walls construction foam, but the house is falling apart more and more, in winter it is too cold to be out cutting the slits blown out all the heat.

“The building is crawling and is destroyed gradually, first you hear a small crackle, and then drops the brick. Wallpaper pokleit, but they were torn. How are we to live?” — asks Natalia Shcherbina.