Scientists explained the dangers of “cocktail” of alcohol and energy drinks

Scientists explained the dangers of “cocktail” of alcohol and energy drinks

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. A group of biologists from the US, UK and Brazil described the negative effects on the human body the simultaneous use of alcohol and energy drinks, a study was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

The researchers decided to further explore the effects on the human body, ethanol and taurine — the main components of alcohol and a variety of energy drinks.

The essence of experiment consisted in observing the behavior of fish species zebrafish, placed in different aquariums, one of which was plain water, others a mixture of different proportions of water, taurine and ethanol.

To study anomalies in the behavior of the test subjects then were placed in tanks with other fish, including predatory.

According to the results of a scientific experiment, scientists have revealed the following regularity: the finding of the zebrafish in the aquarium with ethanol or taurine causes a decrease in their social activity. After exposure to a “cocktail” in the test also saw a sharp weakening of the reaction in the presence of a nearby predator.

Thus, experts from the Brazilian Federal University of Santa Maria made the following conclusions:

taurine increases the negative effects of alcohol, making the subjects less socialized and more prone to risk due to the weakening of fear.

Ethyl alcohol is the most common depressant that negatively affect the Central nervous system. Ethanol has a relaxing effect, so people occasionally used together with alcohol, various energy drinks, which have stimulating properties due to their composition of taurine.

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to a large number of physiological and psychological disorders in the body, alcoholism is considered one of the most common diseases of mankind.