Named five unique services in hotels

Named five unique services in hotels

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Relax on the beach and drink in many hotels in the world, but there are hotels that offer unique services according to

The hotel, located in Chiang Rai in Thailand, you can put your yoga Mat on the back of an elephant and hone practice.

Hotel in Berlin (Germany) have the opportunity not just to sing in the shower, but also to record their song in one of the two recording studios. However, with a need to take backing vocalists.

At the hotel in new Jersey (USA) on the roof overlooking the Park and the Atlantic ocean in the evening show movies. By day a lounge area.

Hotel in Oman allows its guests to feel like James bond. If that seems too prosaic to arrive at the hotel by rental car or taxi, you can arrive at paragliding together with a professional guide.

This Hawaii accommodation offers the option for players: the courts are equipped with cameras that record and analyze the game in real time.