“He brought my girls”

“He brought my girls”

Why the three sisters had killed the father-tyrant. Explains their mother.

The story sisters Khachaturian shook the country: three girls for many years suffered domestic abuse from my own father. July 27 a 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturian was found dead near his apartment in the house on altufevsky highway: the cause of death was multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest. Girls almost immediately confessed to the crime, now they are arrested. The investigation is imputed to them a severe accusation was “murder committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”.

Sisters Khachaturian faces 25 years in prison — the maximum punishment to women in Russia.

However, the defence insists that the murder committed by the girls was a necessary self-defence. “Ribbon.ru” talked with the relatives of the accused and find out what dark secrets for years hid the family Khachaturian.

“Threatened to kill mother and children”

Lawyers for the 19-year-old Baptisms, 18-year-old girl and 17-year-old Victoria (the name of the younger underage sister changed) Khachaturian recently sent an appeal to the Commissioner under the President of Russia for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova. Here is an excerpt from a document at the disposal “of the Tape.ru”.

“The case has generated in society a great response, collected a lot of evidence of abuse with their daughters, son and their mother by Michael Khachaturian, in the course of questioning all the girls confirmed sexual violence, including in the perverted form (…). Girlfriend girls reported that they had been the targets of harassment and Intrusive, obscene courtship by father’s sisters Khachaturian. Mother girls — Aurelia V. Dundukov Mikhail Khachaturyan was forbidden to communicate with children, kicked out of the house, threatened to kill her and the children in case of disobedience. The father’s actions were the cause of attempted suicide (one of the sisters), she was in the hospital after an overdose of potent drugs.”

According to the defenders of the sisters, Khachaturian, angelina and Victoria “missed school, was not admitted to the final examination; all messages from the class teacher by Khachaturian (the father) were ignored”. In this regard, the attorneys ask the Commissioner for the rights of the child “to carry out an independent investigation of the facts, including the question of proper response of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, the school administration, the district Commissioner, the inspector on Affairs of minors”.

“The issue will be put about the affect”Attorneys girls note: all violations of the law and public order, their father, Mikhail Khachaturian “was ignored due to informal relations with the leaders of local law enforcement agencies.”

“This could explain the lack of evidence of complaints and appeals from family members and neighbours in immoral and illegal behavior of Khachaturian. Nevertheless there are documents and witnesses who can confirm treatment of mother and her relatives in crisis centers for assistance,” the letter reads.

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Protection of girls indicates the presence of the victim of mental illness in connection with which he regularly took a potent medication that received with the help of a person with epilepsy sister. Despite this, Khachaturian house storing weapons. The lawyers also asked Anna Kuznetsov to help with the issue of changing the measure of restraint and release the girls from prison under house arrest.

“They have psychological and psychiatric examination, including will raise the question about the affect, to complete the study it is important to protect girls from constant stress, which, of course, involves a long stay in a detention center”, — the statement says.

The youngest of the sisters, Khachaturian ready to personally tell the Ombudsman for children’s rights about the conditions of their life, “features” education, the facts of sexual abuse and violence from his father and the circumstances of the crime for which they are charged. In this regard, the lawyers asked Kuznetsov to visit their client in jail.

“About love cannot be and speeches — trapped”

About life in the family, Khachaturian said in an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” Aurelia Dundukov, mother, sisters, accused of killing his father.

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— After the ninth grade we came from Moldavia to Moscow, — says our interlocutor. — I was 17 when I met him. We have a difference of 18 years was. About love can not be and speeches — just like it happened. No courtship or anything. Family he to me was not, I don’t know why I got married. We got married and began to live in his rented apartment. In 18 years I gave birth to her firstborn, a son. He [her husband] called him in honor of his father, Sergei.

According to Aurelia, she can’t say that Mikhail Khachaturyan as a husband to her is good. But the father to the children he was normal when they were small, always defended them and tried to do what is best for them. At first Mikhail and Aurelia had a son, then three daughters in a row. They began to live with relatives Khachaturian — his mother, two sisters and a nephew.

— With his [Michael’s] mom is not very good the relationship was, because I’m not Armenian, says Aurelia. — She wanted a bride only Armenian. She was in charge of the money, the sister went to the store, and I didn’t go out and all day sat at home. He and sisters were controlling, always wanted to be chief, only to listen to him.

His mother always said that it is common for us to be obedient in everything to her husband, all to obey him, he is the breadwinner. She did not intervene when he swore, told him nothing.

Aurelia tried to be a good wife: make sure that the house was clean, on the table was the food, my husband was neat and tidy. It happened that the woman had not left the kitchen all day, preparing again and again for a big family of ten people.

“Often, the gun to me puts the”NewsAs a quarrel of parents affect children’s health?

— From the beginning it was aggression: constantly abused me, constantly was unhappy at the slightest provocation: do not look, do not say so, not put, not walked, continues the interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”. — He has such a character. And raised his hand. Often the gun I was holding is not one case, this is a habit he’s got. That is not so — just behind the gun. It was a combat gun, a lot of weapons he had liked guns. No safe house, kept it right in the hallway.

Mikhail Khachaturyan almost always called by the name of Aurelia; the affection of him she had never seen, and my daughters father never hugged. He was always strict and never showed that he loves his family.

I don’t know who he was, where he worked, what he did: it was not discussed at home, says Aurelia. — He said: “Woman, this is none of your business, as long as I have the money brought into the house, the rest you should not worry”. He was at home there was no work. He only went to Israel on holidays for ten days — and all seven years when I do, he will not come out. I didn’t even know what to think, what he could do. Someone helped him, sent the money. I haven’t seen them, his mother dispose of them.

Aurelia says that Michael often went to Israel: in Jerusalem there is an Armenian monastery. The man was attached to him and thought to atone for sins is the best out there, in the Holy place.

One time in the journey, Khachaturian take Aurelia and the children, but the way the people behaved with them, I shouted, humiliated, did not beat. He had neither hesitation nor respect.

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Famous photos of Michael is all for show, says Aurelia. — Yes, and devout, he was not believed somehow in his own way, he had convinced himself — that is correct. Church rules are not adhered to. With the years his character was spoiled, was getting worse. I thought when people get older, you start more about the family to think, calm down, we all have nerves in his youth. But it is the opposite — it got worse. I kept waiting for him to calm down, after all the years of considerable. But he considered himself young. Did Michael drugs — I don’t know, the house did not find anything.

“The police said: this is your family Affairs”

— He had no such occasion for scandal, what to eat is not ready or not stirano, not removed, not punished for it, — tells mother of the sisters Khachaturian. That’s the word for a wrong is another matter. Or, for example, he believed that it was impossible to pass. And yet, when he sat at home, didn’t allow me to get: try the cleaner in and grab or a broom, yell.

Recently could do no beat, just came and started to beat. I never asked; even when I was bad — tolerated.

Once Khachaturyan so beat Aurelia that she was unconscious and “understood nothing”. The mother called her an ambulance. In the hospital a woman asked me what was wrong, and she told about the assault of her husband. The doctors wrote down something and walked away, and Michael the next morning, took Aurelia; write a statement she could not.

— There was a case at the police station I was beaten. No statement was said, it’s your family business, — says the mother of the sisters Khachaturian. — After a quarrel, we did not put up. He was able to call me, beat, then turn around and calmly say, “Aurika, bring me tea” — as if nothing had happened. Flashes he had aggression. Perhaps he had a psychological disorder because a normal person would not behave.

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In the family, Khachaturian, everyone knew Michael better than to argue, to keep silent, otherwise it will be worse. At times, when Aurelia was still joined with her husband in the conflict, turning into a big scandal. Daughter said: “Mother, we ask of you — shut up! Since it is impossible to argue.”

“All of you together kill”

— Respect from the children to the father was not, there was a fear, — says the interlocutor “of the Tape.ru”. First, when the kids were little, he treated them well, and when grown, became their curse, raise your voice, swear, in different words call. But not beat them, or I have not seen. There were skirmishes as any parent will hit, but so brutally — that didn’t happen with me. Many times I have gone, but still he found, returned, promised that everything will be okay. But nothing changed, again all were saved, and again I left.