In social networks derided the logo-the space forces of the United States

In social networks derided the logo-the space forces of the United States

Netizens made fun of the logo options for the future of the Military space forces of the United States. Emblem team presented the American President Donald trump and asked everyone to vote for their favourite option.

However, many users do not like any of the logos or the idea of creation of the space forces.

Newspaper the Hill has published six emblems, one of which will later be placed on souvenir production campaign trump, and has spawned many jokes on the Internet.

Trump campaign asks supporters to vote for the new Space Force logo

— Kasie Hunt (@kasie) August 9, 2018.

“Motto: a black hole in which to leave your money”, — has signed its option user @mcspocky.

Many suggested renaming the “cosmic forces” in the comic, and the idea of their creation called “astronomically stupid”. Some drew attention to the similarity of the proposed emblem with the NASA logo.

Not ignored and the tramp. One of the pranksters “tied” it to the rocket and offered to run to the Sun.

#4 SpaceForce – #Trump is now seeing some of the logos that people are coming up with for his astronomically stupid idea. He’s thinking about that request for him to leave the planet. Me might have to call the Democrats for some help.#SpaceFarce

— John Moffitt (@JohnRMoffitt) 10 Aug 2018

However, the leader’s set of likes was the option with the “Star wars”. Where the characters of the fantasy Saga you can learn of Donald and Melania trump.

Donald and Melania stop off to see how construction of Space Force One is progressing. #SpaceForce #StarWars

— HappyToast ★ (@IamHappyToast) 10 Aug 2018

In mid-June, the US President Donald trump instructed to allocate space forces as a separate type of troops. In turn, the Pentagon chief James Mattis called the space a new theater of operations.