Prepare skis in the summer. The Russians are already booking Christmas tours

Prepare skis in the summer. The Russians are already booking Christmas tours

The interest for early booking is growing every year. How much can you save on vacation, taking care of it in advance, and what areas are chosen by the tourists?

Tour operators reported an increase in the popularity of early booking Christmas tours of the Russians. This year the sales began even earlier than in the past. Peak booking is expected in September.

Rest on new year holidays to plan even easier than regular paid leave. This is the annual guaranteed to each citizen eight or nine days of idleness about the same date, which also coincides with the school holidays.

About booking tickets, hotels or organized tours, the Russians are increasingly thinking in advance. This is especially noticeable in the segment of family holidays, says development Director national network of travel agencies Igor Blinov: “Early booking for the holidays was opened quite recently. We can say that this year, these early programs were opened much earlier than in previous years. Keep statistics and compare with previous segments is not quite probably correct, but in General the sooner you buy the ticket or ready-made tour, the greater the savings”.

Depending on country, duration, date of departure and the living conditions of the average savings of 20-22%. It is achieved by those discounts that hoteliers provide operators, and the cost of tickets.Igor Blinov development Director national network of travel agencies

According to Igor Blinov, now mid-price segment of the new year tour — 50 thousand rubles for two. The main part of transport in winter, more than 75%, carry out regular flights. This is the difference between Christmas tourprogram from the summer. The airline has already started selling seats in the aircraft for the winter, and you can buy them at a more comfortable price than in November-December. Savings up to 40% of the trip.

Furthermore, the airlines are preparing to raise the cost of the tickets due to a jump in fuel prices by 20%. That is, the fuel surcharge will soon grow up, and this is another argument in favor of early booking.

But even those who are not looking for savings, I prefer to buy a winter holiday in summer: so more chances to find good accommodations in the medium price segment, and when buying rounds back to back, the choice is much more meager — either a cheap room in the best hotels or suites and Deluxe suites at the five-star, and if you’re lucky.